Who We Are

Valstone has solutions and services that support more than 1,500 organizations throughout the world.

We provide technology for heavy construction materials, agriculture, grain, forestry, waste and recycling industries.

The Valstone team is made up of passionate professionals who believe in innovation and service to advance automation in the industries we serve. The diverse and real-world experiences of our team members serving our customers enhance our ability to help customers thrive in a digital world and drive our organization forward.


Our Team

Sam Youssef

Sam Youssef

Executive Chairman

Ted Chumas - Managing Director - Bulk Materials

Ted Chumas

Managing Director – Scale Management

Jordan Di Paolo Director of Operations

Jordan Di Paolo

Portfolio Manager Process Automation

Antonio Amormino

Antonio Amormino

Director of Corporate Development

Serge Krikorian - Investment Associate

Serge Krikorian

Investment Associate

Gilbert Rahme - SVP Operations

Gilbert Rahme

SVP Operations

Jesse-Castiel - Portfolio Lead

Jesse Castiel

Portfolio Lead

Ralph Hayek - Operations Associate

Ralph Hayek

Senior Business Transformation Associate

Carl-Khoury - Investment Associate

Carl Khoury

Investment Associate

Dan-Malouf -Investment Associate

Dan Malouf

Investment Associate

Sebastian Alvarez- Investment Associate

Sebastian Alvarez

Investment Associate

Nader-El-Sabbagh - Investment Associate

Nate (Nader) Sabb

Account Executive

Christina Cyrenne

Christina Cyrenne

Human Resources Business Partner

Maaz Patel – Controller

Maaz Patel

Director of Finance