Real Business Enhancing Solutions

Our companies offer real business enhancing solutions which allow our clients to operate at a high level of efficiency. We do this by eliminating manual work and streamlining those tasks. We provide necessary information needed to make crucial business decisions and more importantly, we deliver real value to the products and services our clients provide to their customers. We believe that customers who use our software solutions add significantly more to their bottom line than would be possible without our solutions.

Creative Information Systems - Scale Management Software

Creative Information Systems

Scale Management Software

Established in 1984, Creative Information Systems, based in Manchester, New Hampshire, is a prominent figure in the scale management industry. With deep knowledge and experience across various markets in North America, the company offers flexible, customer-centric software solutions and services to enhance profitability and efficiency throughout organizations‚Äč.

Aldata - Fiber Supply Chain Management Software


Log and Timber, Fiber Supply Chain Management Software

ALDATA, founded in 1991, empowers numerous mills and facilities across North America and Australia with its advanced fiber management software. The software enables quick and accurate processing of raw material transactions, providing near real-time data to support critical management decisions.

Vertical Software - Scale Automation for the Grain Industry

Vertical Software

Scale Automation for the Grain Industry

Vertical Software, located in Peoria, Illinois, is a dedicated provider of scale automation and integrated grain accounting solutions for the grain industry. Its flagship products, ScaleTrac and GrainTrac, are renowned in the industry for their exceptional functionality and reliability.


Advanced Weighing Systems

Truck Scale Software

Based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, AWS has been offering unattended scale systems since 1995. These systems allow for automated weighing and data collection, helping clients reduce labor costs and optimize their operations.

Datastor Systems - Process Control & Automation

Datastor Systems

Process Control & Automation

Datastor Systems, headquartered in Congleton, United Kingdom, provides Process Control Solutions to a wide variety of sectors within the manufacturing process industry. Its solutions cater to industries such as Food & Drink, Animal Feed, Feed & Food Pre-Mixes, Surface Coatings, Building Products, and Pharmaceuticals.

DSL Systems - Process Control

DSL Systems

Process Control & Automation

DSL Systems, based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, is a business committed to delivering innovative and flexible software solutions. These solutions are specifically designed for the control and automation of feed and grain plants.


WEM Automation

Process Control & Automation

With its origins dating back to 1916, WEM Automation, based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, provides integrated software solutions that enhance control and automation in various sectors. Our expertise spans across feed mills, asphalt and concrete plants, pet food processing plants, and more. We specialize in world-class process control solutions that integrate seamlessly into business systems, providing cost-effective management and real-time communication of all plant business and production activities.

Henning Software Logo

Henning Software

Manufacturing and Accounting Solutions

Founded in 1990 and based in Hudson, Ohio, Henning Software delivers top-tier enterprise software aimed at elevating productivity and profitability for small to medium-sized manufacturers and distributors. The company’s comprehensive ERP shop management solution, which integrates the leading products Visual EstiTrack and Visual Books, adeptly manages both operational and financial processes.

Matrix Controls

Food Manufacturing Industry

Matrix Controls specializes in software solutions exclusively for the food industry, focusing on increasing efficiency, throughput, and quality while reducing giveaway. Their fully integrated platforms provide real-time data that points the way to higher profits. Covering all facets of the business from receiving to shipping, their solutions include Product Recall and Traceability Management, Yield Control, and Recipe Management. Trusted by leading brands, Matrix Controls serves clients globally, offering scalable and user-friendly platforms designed to maximize the bottom line.