WEM Automation

Process Control & Automation

With its origins dating back to 1916, WEM Automation, based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, provides integrated software solutions that enhance control and automation in various sectors. Our expertise spans across feed mills, asphalt and concrete plants, pet food processing plants, and more. We specialize in world-class process control solutions that integrate seamlessly into business systems, providing cost-effective management and real-time communication of all plant business and production activities.

Complementing the offerings of DSL and Datastor, WEM’s software solutions boost Valstone’s Process Control and Automation portfolio. Our expertise, which extends from serving individual facilities to the world’s largest corporations, reinforces Valstone’s commitment to delivering comprehensive control and automation solutions on a global scale. This synergy positions Valstone as a preferred control system provider for international clients, enabling the delivery of superior and versatile process control solutions.

As we look towards the future, we are excited about the prospects of accelerated growth. Backed by Valstone’s industry knowledge and international presence, we aim to be a global leader within the process control ecosystem. Our collaboration is set to enhance the portfolio’s scale and international reach, strengthening the quality of our offerings, and enabling the delivery of truly global plant control and automation solutions.