Bulk Materials

Valstone offers leading-edge truck scale ticketing and data collection systems for a variety of bulk material industries . In addition to software and hardware products, our systems integration capabilities differentiate us from the competition.  Powerful accounting integrations allow organizations to map scale transaction information into specific accounts and data fields in the target accounting solution. Your operation can increase scale ticketing transaction speed, reduce operating costs, automate billing and increase revenue.

Waste Management

Facilities that need to collect and organize data from industrial or truck scales greatly benefit from a robust scale management solution. We also serve sites who need to track daily volumes to conform with permitting compliance and applicable waste management regulations. Powerful accounting tools allow organizations to map scale transaction information into specific accounts and data fields in the target accounting solution. Waste and recycling operations can more efficiently and accurately generate invoices, handle purchase orders and billing, and create reports.


Pulp mills, paper mills, sawmills and biomass facilities all manage their businesses differently. Timber managers have turned to Yardboss for more than 25 years. We have evolved to handle the many variations in raw material supply chain management practices across all facility and fiber types.


From scale management to process control solutions, Valstone meets the needs of the grain and fertilizer markets. Valstone’s solutions serve a multitude of functions including scale automation, grain tracking, accounting and industrial automation.


Valstone agriculture ERP solutions offer the versatility to adapt to the demands of various business requirements. Solutions provide integrated scale management software systems for feed, grain, food processing, and agrochemicals.


Valstone provides scale automation for all types of mining industries. We provide the following benefits:

  • Scale ticketing
  • Order tracking
  • Moisture content tracking
  • Product grades recording
  • Inbound and outbound material tracking
  • Truck loads monitoring

Scale Management & Automation

Valstone companies provide automated scale management software solutions that help organizations and municipalities accurately track and record truck or industrial scale transactions. Our solutions give organizations better control over scale ticketing transactions automating the ticketing process and can integrate with accounting solutions for seamless end-to-end operations. Our products adapt to your business process and dramatically help to streamline the ticketing and billing tasks.

Process Automation

DSL Systems and Datastor Systems have both been providing process control solutions since 1978 and 1979 respectively. They have now combined their wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to launch the Imperium4 process control and MES system. Imperium4 is available for different sectors; Imperium4Feed is specially designed for the feed and grain sector while Imperium4Batch is aimed at sectors with complex batching processes e.g. paints, adhesives, building products, oils etc.