Valsoft Referral Network

We would like to reward you for introducing us to great people and great businesses.

Our most memorable deals have come through referrals from our colleagues, friends, and extended networks. We would like to keep our network as broad as possible to continuously allow us to invest in quality software businesses all over the world. By allowing anybody to take part in and benefit from the relationships they have built and nurtured over the years, our vision for the Valsoft Referral Network is one of an ongoing and mutually beneficial partnership.

Here is how the VRN works:

1. Refer a deal or introduce the Valsoft team by way of warm call/email to the founder or owner of the business.
2. If the deal closes, we will reward you with a cheque of up to $150,000 USD.

Here is why you should join:

As a member of the VRN, we will also help you with deal coaching, targeting strategies, and additional resources to bolster your software business knowledge and analysis approach.

We truly hope that you will join us in finding, investing in, and acquiring great businesses for the long term.

Get started with submitting a deal/lead.


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